Wine & Chocolate Festival pairs

Over 400 visitors have enjoyed Melt Away’s Tasting Bars; a unique food pairing area where chocolate was combined with Belgian Beers (Palm Breweries), Whisky (Nant) and Pommery (Champagne).
At the Wine & Chocolate Festival we will open up the registers with even more exclusive and inspiring food combinations. There is no need for bookings as it is an ongoing food experience.

What can you expect?

– Belgian and Japanese Beer (distributed by HT Beverages) will be paired with chocolate creations from Master Chef Filip Tibos
– Wine matching chocolates from Master Chocolatier Deniz Karaca (Cuvee Chocolate) at the pairing station and during Robert Hicks’
Master-Class (at The Pirate Tavern)
​- Absinth heaven with Mamor Chocolate
​- Starward’s Whisky combined with a whisky filled ganache from Filip Tibos
​- Best of the best in dessert wines with the sweetness of Filip Tibos’ creations

You can use your tokens for purchasing these unique flavour combinations.